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Financial Reporting

Not Just Debits & Credits … Wealth Preservation & Growth!

Otherwise profitable investment properties may have hidden erosion factors that negatively affect the value of the property. KRS eliminates these risks via a comprehensive system to process transactions, prepare accurate reporting documents, and simplify tax season requirements.

KRS Property Management executes a four-step “checks & balances” strategy so you avoid investment attrition, financial mismanagement, and tax-time anguish.

Accounts Receivable Team

Solely responsible to collect rent to ensure you enjoy a steady stream of rental income.

Accounts Payable Team

Stay on top of paying invoices when due to protect your credit reputation and safeguard vendor relationships.

Accounting Management Team

Oversees all financial reporting to ensure all financial transactions are properly authorized and recorded.

Full Transparency

As property owner, you will:

  • 24/7 access to all property-related transactions via KRS online portal
  • Save time and money at tax time providing easy access to your records by your tax preparer.
  • Be provided a monthly profit & loss statement to reconcile income and expenses.

Bottom-line is you, the property owner, will enjoy peace of mind in knowing your investment property’s financial transactions and records are professionally managed and safeguarded. The convenience of all this is turnkey. KRS does the heavy-lifting-your efforts are only to review the data as you choose.