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Are you looking to hire property management professionals in Durham to meet your unique rental needs? If you are, then allow the KRS Property Management company to handle your investment!

With an office in Raleigh, NC as well as one in Richmond, VA, KRS Property Management is one of the best full-service property management companies in Durham and the surrounding communities. Our mission is to always protect the interests and investments of our clients.

As your property manager, we can work with any type of Durham property, including single-family homes, condominiums, and other rentals. We offer a full range of residential property management services from marketing to finding long-term tenants! Let our experienced team take the best care of you, your rental property, and your tenants.

When you partner with our management team for your investment property management needs, we pride ourselves on reducing turnovers, collecting full rent, performing routine inspections, and handling repair requests and issues.

Our expert managers are dedicated to providing the very best service, using our years of expertise to assist you in managing your properties.

To help you find the highest quality tenants in Durham, we find the best features of your rental and highlight them. We can also easily handle any housing or renter issues that come up on your behalf.

Contact us today at (919) 745 8997 to make a management appointment or go into details like management price, accounting, and investment. Ask the professional property managers at our company anything to find out how we can serve you and your properties with our extensive property management solutions.

We always welcome inquiries and are looking forward to freeing up your time by helping you manage your rental.


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Our Property Management Services

Be it finding a high-quality renter, keeping up with renter maintenance requests for your properties, managing a security deposit, conducting tenant screenings, or collecting rental payments on time, KRS Property Management is proven to deliver. Even as a full-service property management company, the management of your rental properties is our top priority.

If you don't already have a renter in your North Carolina house, our management professionals aims to fix that. We're assertive in marketing rental properties that have been without a renter for too long.

Our professional Durham property management company also includes helping to assist your renter in their needs as we all work together to create the perfect home. We'll address any problem regarding your rental, dealing with anything from minor maintenance requests to urgent management appointments.

At KRS, accounting for any and all problems is what we strive to help Durham landlords manage their properties. Our clients can experience the following benefits as our customers:

1. Marketing Your Rental

No matter if your rental is vacant or occupied, you still need to oversee the landscaping, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This requires a steady flow of income from your investment. The best way to keep your unit and the rental process successful is to reduce vacancy periods, so let KRS help you do just that.

Here at KRS, our goal is to get your rental property off the market as soon as we can. To do this, we look for a high-quality tenant for your investment property by appointing a leasing agent to your property. With our tried and tested marketing strategies, we advertise your rental with targeted ads and online advertisements on other sites. Durham open houses also tend to attract more prospective tenants, so KRS hosts open houses on your behalf.

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2. Tenant Screening Process

Tenant screening in Durham, North Carolina is an important step when looking for qualified tenants for your property. Landlords need to review all points of the rental application. For your rental, you can expect that only tenants with verified background checks will be accepted.

Our team presents a streamlined application system to help you, the property owner, find the right renter. The professionals at KRS will make sure all prospective tenants meet the reasonable criteria:

  • Household income that is greater than or 3x the monthly rent
  • A minimum credit score of 615
  • Security deposit that is a minimum of 1 month of rent
  • Pet Screening
  • Supporting documents (such as pay stubs, tax returns for self-employed, and others)
  • Clean rental history and criminal background.

3. Rent Collection

With KRS Property Management, you, the property owner, will have access to our streamlined collection service. You will have access to a systematic method of payment collection that makes business easier than ever!

When it is time to collect rent, our team makes sure to be firm with the lease, but we also provide an advanced warning when the due date for payment is coming up and contact the renter as part of our management service. We offer various payment channels via online payment, debit card, credit card, and specific cash locations. We make it incredibly easy to collect rental payments.

As your manager, we closely monitor payment schedules, and price changes in Durham NC, and can even help you handle the NC eviction process if it ever comes to that. Our Durham North Carolina property managers practice fairness and emphasize the importance of complying with the leasing conditions during the lease preparation and signing.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Day-to-day property maintenance can be tedious for Durham rental property owners and tenants alike. You need to keep up with lawn maintenance, clean the gutters, deal with pipe issues, broken toilets, and other maintenance services. This leaves you little room for other activities when handling your Durham area rental on your own.

Every property manager at our office offers in-house maintenance coordination, property inspections, and trusted partnerships with vetted vendors. We are available to take care of any issues all at a lower cost to you!

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Keeping up with your Durham area rental investment's finances is always important. Luckily, working with us makes checking your finances easy with a convenient online portal where you can contact us to ask questions, monitor your rental records, and request any materials your may need for your unit.

Durham NC is considered a part of Durham County. It's labeled as the 4th most populous city in North Carolina. Situated in the Piedmont region, it's described as having flat terrain, especially when compared to any other city in the surrounding areas. 

Residents enjoy living in Durham NC for its wide job opportunities in a variety of fields from tech to medicine. In terms of amenities, a great number of quality restaurants and bars are available. 

For people who appreciate nature, Durham NC also offers plenty of green spaces such as parks, gardens, and nature trails. The cost of living is also significantly lower in Durham NC compared to other populous cities.

Here are interesting places to see in Durham, North Carolina:

  1. Durham Performing Arts Center
  2. Nasher Art Museum
  3. Sarah P. Duke Gardens
  4. Bennett Place Historic Site
  5. Museum of Life & Science

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