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Know your property is protected with our guarantees

Happiness Guarantee

We believe in quality customer service. If for any reason you wish to discontinue your service with us, you can cancel your agreement at any time with no penalties. Just give us a 90 days heads up to ensure a smooth transition.

Results Guarantee

With our results guarantee, you don’t pay until we deliver results! If we are leasing your property for you, we do all the work up front and you don’t pay until you get a qualified tenant. That means we aggressively market and show your property, screen the tenants, handle all paperwork and perform a move-in inspection...all before you pay your first dollar!

No hidden fees

At KRS Property Management, we believe in transparency and honesty, not smoke and mirrors. That’s why we tell you our fees upfront, not hide them in small print. There’s no account set-up fees, no property reservation fees…no hidden fees period!

Leasing Guarantee **

Our leasing guarantee states that if a tenant does not fulfill at least 6 months of a lease term, we will find you a new tenant for free.

21 Day Rental Guarantee **

If we are unable to lease your home in 21 days or less we will give you ONE month of management fee free!

** Must be approved by the agent before the agreement is signed and has to be added as an addendum to the agreement.