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Areas We Serve

KRS Property Management is a full-service property management company with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. Serving North Carolina and Virginia property owners since 1990, our goal has always been to maximize your income while minimizing your stress.

Our team offer only the very best service in the area. Among our property managements services is tenant screening, property inspections, rent collection aid, background and credit checks, financial reporting, and much more.

We’re proud to serve the following areas:


As one of the fasted growing cities in the country, there’s a lot of advantages to living or owning property in Raleigh, NC. Best known for being part of the Research Triangle which contains three major research universities, Raleigh is full of opportunity.


From medicine to technology, Durham is a city of opportunity and a wide array of job opportunities that mostly stems from being a part of the Research Triangle. Full of green spaces like gardens, parks, and beautiful nature trails, Durham is the perfect mix of urbanization and nature.

Chapel Hill

Probably best known for being home to the University of North Carolina—one of the oldest universities in the country—and another point of the Research Triangle, Chapel Hill is a city that only gets better with time. If you’re looking for affordable housing close to many urban cities, Chapel Hill is a great choice to consider.


With picturesque rolling hills, creeks, and small lakes, Cary is a calm municipality for those looking for a place a little farther away from the city. Home to a friendly and diverse communities and host to a variety of festivals, Cary is a wonderful place to live.

Wake Forest

Often touted as the ideal place to live in North Carolina, Wake Forest has several great features. Overall, it’s location, quality of life, affordability, and sparse suburban feel would draw in any prospective property owner!


Apex has grown considerably from its humble roots as just another stop on the 1873 Chatham Railroad. However, no matter how much its grown, its Apex’s small-town charm that makes it a unique and wonderful place to live.

Wake County

As one of the most urbanized counties in North Carolina, Wake County is known for its eye-catching residential areas and strong economy. Home to the many wonderful cities and municipalities, Wake County is a shining example of the very best North Carolina has to offer.