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6 Best Ways of Retaining a Tenant

System - Monday, April 29, 2024

Best Ways of Retaining a Tenant

As a potential or current landlord, you should appreciate the part that a quality tenant plays in the success of your property investment. A quality tenant is someone who pays their rent on time and complies with the terms of the lease agreement. Once you have such a tenant in your place, you should seek to maintain them long-term. 

To advise on how you should go about handling your current tenants, the team from KRS Property Management has put together this article. 

1. Screening Tenants

The first step to retaining quality renters, is the tenant screening process. The process looks at the tenant’s past rental history, their financial capability, and the results of a standard background check as well as previous landlord references. While you might be desperate to earn consistent rental income, we recommend that you stay true to the results of the screening process. If you see any red flags, don’t rent to that applicant. The stronger the candidate the more likely they are to be a long-term tenant.

2. Ask Tenants for Regular Reviews 

Tenants want to have a landlord who inquires about their experience on the property. While you might believe your property is the best on the block, your view as a landlord is biased. A tenant might have a different perspective and needs you to hear them. 

a landlord speaking with two tenants

If you’re away from the premises, you can send anonymous surveys which any quality tenant would gladly fill. A face-to-face meeting can also work should you have the time and the tenant will appreciate the personalization. In most cases, the tenant will mention improvements that you can do. 

Take any feedback tenants are willing to give you seriously and look at what changes you can afford to make. Investing in your tenant’s comfort and happiness can end up saving you money in the long run and ensure more consistent rental income if they renew their lease. 

3. Property Maintenance 

Property maintenance is vital for protecting the value of your rental property as well as your tenants’ satisfaction. When maintenance requests are made by tenants, you, as the landlord, need to take swift action to remedy the situation. Tenants are more likely to renew a lease when they feel like their property is well cared for and the landlord is responsive to their needs.

You will need to dedicate a significant amount of your time to property maintenance. Most landlords lack the experience and technical expertise to address repairs themselves. It would be prudent for you to hire a property management company to handle your property maintenance. 

4. Be Friendly 

Establishing and nurturing positive relationships with tenants isn't just a matter of goodwill; it's a strategic move that benefits landlords in numerous ways. Maintaining a friendly and professional rapport with tenants fosters a sense of trust and respect, laying the groundwork for smoother communication and conflict resolution.

a landlord doing a home visit with a family in a rental property

By prioritizing amicable relations, landlords can reduce tenant turnover and vacancy rates, as happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases and recommend the property to others. Moreover, a harmonious landlord-tenant dynamic often results in tenants taking better care of the property, leading to fewer instances of damage and costly repairs.

Additionally, maintaining positive relationships with tenants can enhance a landlord's reputation in the community and attract high-quality tenants in the future. Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied tenants can significantly boost a property's desirability and occupancy rates.

5. Renovations and Upgrades 

Investing in property upgrades and renovations isn't just about aesthetics; it's a strategic move that can significantly benefit landlords and ensure tenant satisfaction. Upgrading and renovating properties not only enhances their appeal but also increases their market value, enabling landlords to command higher rental rates and attract quality tenants.

From modernizing kitchens and bathrooms to enhancing energy efficiency with smart technologies, property upgrades can elevate the overall living experience for tenants. Updated amenities and features not only attract new tenants but also contribute to tenant retention by making the property more desirable to live in for the long term.

Moreover, property upgrades can lead to cost savings in the form of reduced maintenance and repair expenses. Newer, more efficient appliances and systems require less upkeep, translating into fewer disruptions for tenants and fewer headaches for landlords.

paint and tile samples for a home renovation project

Furthermore, by staying abreast of current design trends and tenant preferences, landlords can tailor renovations to meet the evolving needs of their tenants, thereby increasing tenant satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Flexibility with Your Policies 

In a fiercely competitive rental market, landlords need to adapt their approach to rental agreement clauses to attract tenants effectively. Often, landlords enforce rigid clauses that could potentially deter high-quality, long-term tenants from considering their properties. To counter this, we advocate for a more flexible and tenant-friendly approach to lease agreements.

In today's dynamic rental landscape, tenants seek flexibility and accommodation in their rental terms. By being open to negotiation and willing to tailor lease clauses to meet the needs of responsible, reliable tenants, landlords can enhance their property's appeal and attract a wider pool of prospective renters.

Rather than imposing stringent conditions that may alienate potential tenants, landlords can consider adopting a more nuanced and balanced approach to rental or lease agreements. This might involve offering options for lease term lengths, accommodating reasonable requests for modifications to the property, or being open to discussing terms related to rent adjustments or maintenance responsibilities.

Bottom Line 

By carrying out a tenant screening process, relating well with your tenants, and staying on top of all maintenance needs, you are bound to give your tenants a healthy rental experience. This can increase the chances of a lease renewal.

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